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  • Rated voltage:: 0-500V
  • Maximum current:: 100A-1500A
  • Rated frequency:: 50 Hz
  • Degree of protection:: Indoor switchboard IP43 - Outdoor switchboard IP54
  • Standard:: IEC 61439-1

ATS automatic transfer switchboard

ATS automatic transfer switchboard is to maintain the load operation when loss of grid power by automatically transfer the load to the power grid. When the grid voltage ensures the rated value, it automatically close the load to the net.

Automatically send a signal, start up the generator when: completely loss of grid, loss of phase, low-voltage grid power or higher than allowable value (this value can be adjusted), The time of source moving is 5-10 minutes.

When the power restored, the ATS wait a period of time (10-30s) to verify the source of the grid has stabilized and will transfer the load to the power grid. The generator automatically turns off after running cooling 1-2 minutes.

The capable of automatic or handmade operation or to create condition the inspection and operation easily

Combining between ACB and MCCB or using Compact ATS to use mechanical interlock and electric interlock to ensure safety, prevent false operation.

Always giving customers the assurance with comprehensive protection system: overload, short circuit, over voltage, low voltage ...

Capable of integrating with MSB system and reactive power compensation capacitor to improve the flexibility of the system and have multiple sources, multiple generators, the load priority

The switchboards are manufactured to strictly comply with the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 and 61439-1, 2 standard and according to the type of form 1,2,3,4

Material: Steel is imported SS400 powder coating, stainless steel (inox) SUS304, SUS316

Enclosures are manufactured with the mechanical devices of high precision, high reliability and safety

The electrical conduction busbar system of the switchboard is made from pure copper, workmanship by machine. There are no intermediaries juncture between output, reducing the risk of incident caused by raising the phenomenon temperature in the contacts points. Besides that the bus bar is marked by color according to the general regulations of the electricity industry and increase the aesthetics of the product

Production Technology: Bystronic CNC laser cutting machine of Switzerland, bystronic CNC laser cutting machine of Switzerland, Amada pressing Machine , Amada punching machines, cutting machines Amada, welding robot of Japanese , Powder coating protection

The electrical panel assembly equipments are imported from well-known brands such as LS, ABB, Schneider, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Siemens…

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