Investment in the latest machinery and technology into production lines

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Investment in the latest machinery and technology into production lines

To give customers high-tech solutions in the Electrical Panels  & Accessories manufacturing technology industry.

We have continually improved technological processes, changed the latest machines to give customers superior products with competitive prices.

Currently, we have invested more than 17 billion to bring the modern machinery for our factory as follow :”

  1. Investment in machinery Fiber Laser, cutting machine, pressing machine of Bystronic / Switzerland:
  1. Cutting machine Laser Fiber

Applications Fiber fiber optic technology and the most advanced drive system stepless speed and accuracy is almost absolute, machines can cut and drill most of the metal material.

* High cutting speed: cutting speeds over 20 m / min.

  1. Cutting machine CNC:

* Cutting line are programmed CNC

* Automatically move in 3 x, y, z.

  1. Pressing machine CNC:

* Cutting line are programmed CNC

*  Screen imitates products before pressing

Time begins operation: At the end of the month in November,2015.

  1. Investment Busbar  machines fully automatic by CNC programming :
  1. Punching machine, cuttig machine, rough molding machine

* Cut plain raid technology completely automates CNC

* High accuracy, fast speed

*  Screen imitates products before processing

  1. Bending/pressing machine Busbar:

* Bending/ pressing CNC

* Programming pressing angle, programming steps.

* Scratch-resistant technology Busbar after pressing

Time begins operation: in the middle of the month in November,2015

With the investment in modern machinery technology, we would like to contribute a small part to the development of high-tech industry of the country. Besides BHT Technology products are also tested at the international testing centers such as ASTA, KEMA, ... We believe BHT Technology products will meet high technical requirements of the domestic and international Works, provide customers with the sophisticated and accurate products to meet all customer’s requirements.

We look forward to receiving your support and cooperation.

Sincerely thank!

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